Daniel Rocco Scherry

Danny Scherry was an amazing person who enjoyed everything life had to offer.  He was born and raised in the West Park community of Cleveland.  It was here that Danny learned some of the most important life lessons-how to share (your Ninja Turtles with your best friend), the importance of setting goals (such as digging a hole to China and setting up a pizza shop), the art of team work (through Four Corners and Puritas League baseball), how to be a gracious loser (coming in last place at the Plain Dealer Junior Golf Tournament -  he never forgave his mom for signing him up) and how to be a gracious winner (dominating the CYO City Football Championships two years in a row!).  Some of Danny’s fondest memories and friends are from his time in West Park and at Our Lady of Angels School, and he hung onto them as he moved on to Rocky River High School where he again excelled on the football field and fostered the leadership abilities that came so naturally to him.  He also had his fair share of fun-getting tattoos, learning to drive stick shift (and dominating it), football parties, theme parties, beach parties, house parties, and, of course, parties.  He was an avid lover of movies, a guardian of family traditions, and he made laughing an unbreakable habit-for himself and for everyone around him by thoroughly enjoying life and bringing fun to everyone that knew him.  Throughout his life-in all the lessons he learned and fun times he had, Danny was always working toward his ultimate goal-to be a United States Marine.  After High School, he put his dream aside to see what else life had to offer, and trained as a carpenter’s apprentice and became a certified Fire Fighter, but even after going through (and excelling at) these experiences, he was still driven to join the Marine Corps, and everyone could see that it was meant to be. 

Danny enlisted in the Marines in January 2006, and left for boot camp at Parris Island that April.  He was immediately recognized for his hard work and determination, and was the leader of his squad for nearly the entire time at camp, leading them to recognition as a stand out squad at graduation.  For all its hardships, boot camp was a great experience because it made Danny so proud to be a Marine and solidified his belief that this is what he was meant to be.  Danny was stationed at Camp LeJeune where he anxiously awaited his deployment to the Al Anbar Province in Iraq.  He was looking forward to putting all of his training to use, and couldn’t wait to serve his country and make a difference.  Danny died on April 16, 2007 en route back to base after a combat mission when he was struck by a live electrical wire.  If Danny would not have served, his life may have been longer, but it wouldn’t have been as complete-Danny would never have felt complete if he wasn’t a Marine.

Danny is the son of Marianne Scherry and Bob Scherry, the brother of Kacie (Chris) Baon and Lauren Scherry, and the grandson of Barb and Dave LaSalvia and the deceased Joseph and Virginia Scherry.  He is the nephew of Don and Patty Scherry, David LaSalvia Jr., Theresa and John Fox, and Anna and Dan Slattery; and the cousin of Chris Scherry, Annemarie, Tony, Emily, and Isabel Fox, and Meghan, Jack, and Grace Slattery.  He was a friend to everyone who was lucky enough to get to know him and a Hero to America.